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- a Cohabitational Community for Seniors 

We sincerely hope you will find the information, you need. If not, we invite you to contact the Executive Committee or the Visitors Group (Receiving Committee). 

At the turn of the millennium a group of Nødebo citizens, who wished to stay in the town, when they grew old, established a society with the purpose of creating a Cohabitational Community for Seniors in Nødebo. After tremendous efforts the construction of 29 privately owned row houses and a Community Hall started in the fall of 2003. We moved in early 2005. 

Egebakken is located at the north end of Nødebo adjacent to Gribskov. This is a major forest and a part of the National Park "The Royal North Zealand". The 29 houses are placed in 4 rows on a slightly sloping ground. The Community Hall is erected in the centre with an excellent view of the old oak trees at the edge of the wood.All houses are oriented with their long axis north to south, the main entrance from east and a small garden facing west. 

The architect was Michael Steen Johnsen from the architectural firm  "Vand-kunsten". The houses and the surrounding landscape are laid out as an architectural unity and fulfil the formal requirements for buildings for seniors. The homes have 3 sizes: 101, 127 or 151 m2. The central room of each home covers 75 m2. It has an internal ceiling height of 4,5 m towards east. The roofs slope westerly. A number of near ceiling high windows give very fascinating light patterns in the rooms. The homes are built of select materials: Dark double-fired bricks, zinc roofs with rebates, larch wood cladding on the building extensions on the east and west side, and maintenance free windows with external aluminium frames. 

The Community Hall covers 150 m2. It contains a large multi-purpose room with space enough for dining for all the residents, a well-equipped kitchen area, some spare rooms, lavatories, and an upper floor with fitness machines. A number of technical installations, including the terminal board for the common antenna system, are situated here. The Community Hall is the centre for our joint activities, which strengthen our good neighbourliness. We participate in common activities when we wish, thus entirely on a voluntary basis. 

A cohabitational community for seniors is not an old-age housing, but the houses are equipped to allow you to stay, when you get older. The ideal is a smaller home, in one floor, easy to maintain, but which still gives the space active people need. 

As you near retirement age, should you be thinking of moving your home.  It is important to consider doing this while you are still going strong. You should not wait until you retire, but rather make sure that you are well established in the new surroundings early on, giving you more opportunity to create new acquaintances and  social networks. 

Kindly contact:

The Chairman of the Executive Committee: formand@egebakken.dk

The Executive Committee: bestyrelsen@egebakken.dk

The Receiving Committee: besoeg@egebakken.dk